The Tokyo Golf Club celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2013.
You can enjoy a peaceful and calm atmosphere developed based on the club’s history, a challenging course layout and plants, trees, and flowers on the courses that blossom in each of the four seasons.
We sincerely welcome you to the Tokyo Golf Club. Please enjoy yourself.

Request to players

Since this club was opened in 1914, etiquette and rules have been preserved as valuable assets at the club. There are also rules related to golf that are unique to this club, and we hope you understand and abide by them.
Proper use of the Tokyo Golf Club is explained below.

Gameplay for guests

In principle, guests are to be invited by club members.
However, on weekdays, rounds may be played solely by guests as long as they were referred by club members.
In addition, some of Japan’s substitute public holidays are treated as weekdays.
Inquiries related to tee time reservations must be made by a club member. For details, please check with a club member.

Dress code

Smoking area

Please note that smoking is prohibited on the course.
Smoking is allowed in the areas surrounding the tee boxes and in rest areas equipped with ashtrays.

Use of cellphones

The use of cellphones is prohibited inside the clubhouse and on the course.
However, using a cellphone inside the telephone booth on the first floor of the clubhouse is permitted.